Proflo water pressure booster supplements water flow when needed

Permanently solve your water pressure problems

If your looking to boost pressure in a domestic or commercial property, hotel, guest house or leisure facility click here for a free and friendly consultation.

Solves Water Pressure Problems

Instant Power Showers - Without the need for noisy pumps

Multiple users - Prevent water pressure dropping or water going cold when someone else uses a tap

Quick bath - Proflo actually increases water flow, so your bath will fill-up much quicker

Washing machines and dishwashers - use at the same time or whilst other taps are on

Outdoor taps - a single tank will resolve water pressure problems across your whole system

Optimise combi boilers - without adequate water pressure some boilers can't perform properly

Water upstairs - top flats and tall buildings often have water flow problems. But not with a Proflow .

How does Proflo work?

Enhance your system - Proflo tanks will be concealed in your loft, under you stairs, airing cupboard or even outside. Ready to provide a boost when you need it.

Proflo stores water for when you need it - The tank will automatically fill when your system is not in use, ready to give your pressure a boost at exactly the right time.

A tank, not a pump - A pump can increase pressure but not flow. Proflo is a tank that can increase the actual volume of water available. 

Low maintenance - Modern materials and clever design, with minimal moving parts mean quite operation and very little to go wrong.

Spec :-

  • Patented CAD-2 diaphragm technology
  • Strong strand fiberglass sealed with epoxy resin
  • NSF, CE/PED, WRAS, ACS approved
  • Proven with thousands of successfull installs
  • 5 Years guarentee on every tank
  • Super strong continuous strand fiberglass construction, bonded epoxy resin
  • Quality brass air stem with o-ring seal
  • Very low maintenance


See it in action

This video shows the impact the our Proflo water pressure booster can have.

First we show the water pressure before the system is switched on. You can see and hear the dramatic increase in pressure when the system is activated.