What our  customers say

Mr Roy. London

"I am extremely pleased with Michael's work in fixing our long standing low water pressure problem. Previously, for example, turning two showers on at the same time was impossible as the water would almost run dry. With the Proflo solution turning showers and taps on at the same time in both bathrooms along with the kitchen sink tap results in no perceptible drop in water pressure. "

Mr & Mrs Cooper. Surrey

"Putting in the water pressure system has solved all our water issues with 5 people all wanting showers and baths. Our system kept getting air locked where the water tank would run out after a bath so no one could shower. This system has given water pressure to both showers without having to put electric pumps in each bathroom. Even  the toilet cisterns fill really quickly now."

Dean. Isleworth

"Thoroughly professional and high quality job.  We're delighted with the results and additional work carried out at no extra charge. We will be using Proflo Solutions for all our future plumbing needs from now on. We've had 6 independent plumbers trying to solve it. Michael's explanation and plan was comprehensive and ultimately successful. Needless to say we're delighted with the results."


Craig. Hove

"I have to say that the system is the Viagra of water pressure dysfunction! The pressure in the shower and taps is noticeably much stronger.... it's a brilliant result."

Mr and Mrs Foster. Surbiton

Just had a new bathroom installed in a loft conversion and noticed no perceptible drop in water pressure. (Even during peaks times) thanks to the Proflo system. Very pleased with the results.